Leadership and Donors

Mercy High School Ring Day

We offer a sincere, “Thank You!” to the following donors, who have already made gifts and pledges to Passion for the Future, allowing us to approach $2 million, on the way to our $3 million goal:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ariosa
Sr. Susanne Ashton, RSM
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Bagley
M. Eileen Kohles Baird
Lisa Rogers Bands
Bank of America
Sr. Louis Mary Battle, RSM
Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Beck
Janice Becker
Stephanie Beran
Mary Ellen Burke Bergin
Sherry L. Bossle
Mary Lynne Bowman
James I. Brown
Mary Catherine Bunting
Kathy Doerfler Burdyck
Virginia Lazzati Burgstiner
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burke
Sr. Irene M. Callahan, RSM
Theresa Calva
Sharon Christie
Sr. M. Joannes Clifford, RSM
Melanie Coburn
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Cooke
Sr. Mary Neil Corcoran, RSM
Francina Pellegrini Critzman
Kristy and Dan Cummings
Pegeen and Richard D’Agostino
Kathleen Thompson Davis
Frank de la Reguera
Sharon A. Dickman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doerfler
Paul F. Doerfler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Doerfler, Jr.
Sr. Helen M. Doherty, RSM
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Downs
Pat and Mike Fannon
Sr. Marie D. Foley, RSM
The France-Merrick Foundation
Barbara Rogers Gallagher
Jerome Geckle (R.I.P. 10/22/2010)
Tere Geckle
Anne Spampinato George
Margie and Michael Gillespie
Lea Bradley Gilmore
Christie Grant
Gloria McDonald Greenspun
Kathleen Hartley
Mary Anne Heckwolf
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hershberger, II
Rebecca Egan Hogg
Cathy Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hoover
Eileen Bojarski Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hruban

Richard F. Huebler
Jane and Robert Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Jagielski
Mary Beth Janicki
Sally and Joe Jennings
Melinda Johnson
Jo Ann K. Joseph
Sr. Florence M. Judge, RSM
Suzanne Doerfler Kalthof
The Kanuchok Family
Gus and Dorothy Taylor Kastrunes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly
Sr. M. Gess Kirby, RSM
The Marion I. & Henry J. Knott   Foundation
Theresa and Anthony Kotlar
Mark and Bonnie Bevans Kottraba
Paul and Mary-Margaret Kardian
James Lazzati
Phil Lazzati
Rosemarie (Dodie) Lazzati
JoAnn and Ron Lazzeri
Mary Beth Lennon
Linda Stein Lenzen
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Libonati
Kathy Lambdin Lindenstruth
Carole Lochte
Lynne Lochte
Mary DeSales Taneyhill Lohr
Susan Lyden
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Malanowski
Peggy Doerfler Malanowski
Mary Cuba Mangione
Patricia Rossman Margerum
Sr. Paula Diann Marlin, RSM
Richard, Mary Ella, and Maggie Marion
Krista Mason
Maureen Oakey Mason
Nancy McColgan
Victoria and George McGinty
Mary Carol Marconi McGlaughlin
Karen Dembinsky McGraw
Joel and Maria Schaub McGuire
Msgr. Charles F. Meisel
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Merriken, III
MHS Alumnae Board
MHS Mothers’ Club
MHS Fathers’ Club
Mae Miller
Crystal and Stanley Mosley
Sue Ann and Steven Ness
Sr. Agnese Neumann, RSM
Regina Flynn Nizer
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Noppinger

Stephanie Herbig Noval
Sr. Anne O’Donnell, RSM
Kelly O’Keeffe
Donna Orem
Margi Marconi Palmer
PNC Foundation
Suzanne Hall Price
Michael W. and Therese Waldt
Rodell Sneeringer Ramirez
Anne Ratterman
Carol Gonce Rego
Charlene Keydash Reilly
Beth A. Rich
Tona Riggio
Sarah Riley
Jessica Robinson
Marylee Pearl Robinson
Diane Neubauer Schaefer
Helen Schneider
Uma Schroeder
Gene and Bunny Schaub Shapiro
Kim Rolfes Sheridan
The Sheridan Foundation
Sisters of Mercy, Columbus, GA
Sr. Mary Anne Smith, RSM
Miram Snare
Elaine Doyle Snyder
Mary John Snyder
Mary and Ed Sommerfeldt
Linda Sowers
The Estate of Mary Heckwolf Staylor
Jaqueline Stilling, Jeff Hagan and
Donna Miller Streagle
Raymond M. and Mary B. Stoddard
Cecily Suchy
Mary Patricia Brown Summers
Robert and Anne Suznick
T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation,
Mia Lyden Talarigo
Bernadette J. Thibodeau
Nancy Uryasz and Gregory Fennessey
Mary de la Reguera Vaden
Tess Veloso
Lynne Spigelmire Viti
Mary Agnes and Bruce Votta
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Walker
James S. Watson
Christopher and Cora Welsh
Sr. Carol E. Wheeler, RSM
Katherine Yanson